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Our service specializes in Post Renovation Cleaning Services, Construction cleaning services, and Neglected property cleaning so we understand the importance of removing the dust and debris after a renovation/construction is completed, our company, is fully prepared to work within your time constraints; our attention to detail and the ability to work beyond your expectations, makes us the first and only choice, call us right now.

We can help you with the following services:

  • Aging in Place Remodel
  • Remodeling
  • Bathrooms
  • Interior Maintenance
  • Plumbing
  • Drywall Repair/Install
  • Flooring
  • Electrical Services

We offer you the best price affordable for your work

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Electrical services should be handled by a professional. Our crew can be your electrical specialist that can do the job safely and reliably. Our technicians have over 10 years of experience, and they arrive ready to work

Every home owner has a list of renovation, home repair, or home improvement projects he or she needs done both interior and exterior. Sometimes that list can get quite long, too! The bathrooms that needs updating.Every home owner has a list of renovation,

  • Aging in Place Remodel
  • Home improvement projects
  • Done both interior and exterior
  • Aging in Place Remodel
  • Home improvement projects
  • Done both interior and exterior

Heating Service

Home improvement projects

Done both interior and exterior

Heating Service

Heat pump repair and maintenance

Radiant heating systems

Heating Service

Ductless mini-split systems

Zone heating and cooling systems

Heating Service

Electric heating systems

Solar heating systems ETC.

Solar thermal systems

This is a technology for harnessing solar energy for thermal energy (heat). Solar thermal collectors are classified as Low-, medium- or High-temperature collectors. Low temperature collectors are flat-plates generally used to heat swimming pools. Medium-temperature collectors are also usually flat-plates but are used for heating water or air for residential and commercial use. High-temperature collectors concentrate sunlight using mirrors or lenses and are generally used for electric power production.

Floor heating system

A viable alternative to conventional radiator style heating systems is in-floor heating. A typical solution consists of small-bore pipes, laid in the concrete slab under the floor’s surface. The solution is typically fed by a condensing boiler or district heating. Heating buildings in this way provides a consistent, even heat release from floor level. It provides comfort underfoot and pleasant temperatures. As the pipes are hidden, there are no unsightly radiators. It also uses a lower water temperature to maintain the same room temperature level as radiator systems.

Ventilation systems

A ventilation system is a mechanical structure of connected devices that controls airflow within confined spaces, commonly homes and offices. Its main function is to introduce a constant supply of fresh air, usually from the outside, while channeling stale air back out. Fans and pumps are common parts of these systems, as are vent grates and air flow tunnels; in most cases, though, the major working parts are all built within the walls and ducts of structures. People using the space don’t usually see any of the working pieces.

Hydraulic plumbing

Clean water supply, efficient usage, and hygienic waste solutions are all aspects that people take for granted. However, without a hydraulic plumbing plan and installation, this wouldn’t be possible. We provide a full spectrum of building hydraulics services, including: Trade waste & wastewater management Natural gas & LPG services Fire sprinkler system Fire hydrant systems Fire hose reel systems Sustainable integrated water management Cold water services Heated water services Non-drinking water services Sanitary plumbing & drainage systems Roof drainage systems Surface & stormwater drainage systems

Photovoltaic system

This is a power system designed to supply usable solar power by means of photovoltaics, a method of converting solar energy into direct current electricity using semiconducting materials that create voltage or electric current in a material upon exposure to light. It consists of an arrangement of several components, including solar panels to absorb and convert sunlight into electricity, a solar inverter to change the electric current from DC to AC, as well as mounting, cabling, metering systems and other electrical accessories to set up a working system.

AC systems

The size and type of space you're looking to cool will be one of the most important factors when determining which home air conditioner is right for you. For instance, if you just need to cool one room, a portable or window unit will likely suffice. Likewise, if you're a renter and can't install anything permanent, you also might need to go with a portable or window unit. Split unit:There are several advantages to a split type air conditioner that can make it a better option for many households.Split type air conditioners are named as such because they split the components of a traditional air conditioning system into two individual units – one indoor and one outdoor. The outdoor unit houses the compressor and condenser components, while the indoor unit contains the distribution and filter components. These two units are connected by copper tubing that replaces the expensive ductwork in central air systems. This copper tubing is flexible, allowing homeowners to easily install a split type system without extensive construction. These connections also provide the capability of controlling multiple indoor fans with one outdoor unit, similar to a central air system.

VRv System:From energy efficient heating and air conditioning, to ventilation and building management, we have climate solutions for your buildings. Minimise hot and cold air loss via the entrance with a Biddle Air Curtain The unique fully flat cassette integrates seamlessly into false ceilings and won't disturb you with its quiet operation Accommodate high ceilings by installing underfloor heating to heat the air nearest to the ground Breathe in fresh and healthy air that is free of mould and allergens with our plug-and-play HRV or air handling units for ventilation Easily integrate hot water solutions for kitchens and restrooms Reliable infrastructure cooling down to -20°C for your server rooms. The intelligent sensors direct airflow away from people and automatically switch the unit to energy-saving mode or turn it off when they detect that the room is empty Smart programmes make climate control easy throughout the entire building and our Building Management System (BMS) allows you to integrate and control all aspects of your building (heating, cooling, electricity, lighting, elevators, etc.)

Plumbing Services

Nobody enjoys dripping piping and water pools in their houses. Plumbers are your go-to individuals in this situation. Plumbers ensure that your sewage system is established and functioning correctly in both business and residential environments. Can you imagine not being able to have safe drinkable and clean water for a day? Plumbers are experts in maintaining and repairing your home’s water systems, so you will not have to worry. Plumbing services for homes and offices range from small to significant repairs. Your plumbing system may be having leaks and obstructions, necessitating the need for plumbing experts to unclog or adjust the valve to prevent it from dripping. But are there only water-related problems that a plumber solves? No, the domain of plumbing is way more than just water pipes. Plumbing problems may arise in any structure, whether it’s a business facility or your home. Let us understand all about plumbing services.